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Do I need a powerful chainsaw to mill lumber?

If you can saw firewood with your current chainsaw than you can easily harvest your own lumber.

Proper use of your new chainsaw attachment allows any-size chainsaw (even an electric chainsaw) to easily harvest logs into square beams, from there you just repeat the process outlined in the complete directions that accompany each purchase to harvest dimensional lumber.


Can someone actually make $$$ with The Beam Machine?

Unlike many higher priced attachments The Beam Machine allows its users to convert TIME into cash!!!

 We never mislead our customers and have them believe our units are the fastest mills available in the marketplace. BUT if you are happy with milling $100- $200/day than why spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars for a portable saw-mill that you can’t fit under your truck seat!:-)

  A picnic table requires roughly            12pcs of 2 x 6 x 12’

Store cost - $115         Beam Machine - $7.20 


Even if you sold your picnic table just at the “material store cost” you would have earned      $107 profit on each unit.


You can easily mill 24pcs of 2x6($214) any Saturday  you decide to bypass your Local Lumberyard!!!


How do I mill 2x6 lumber?

Harvesting 2x6 is really quite easy – Simply attach your Beam Machine to your chainsaw bar by tightening two sets of screws, next step is to nail a straight piece of 2 x 4 on your log. Position the saw and mill on the 2 x 4 guide rail and cut away.

The BEAM MACHINE® slides along the 2 x 4 guide making a straight first cut. Roll the log 90° before making the next cut. After the fourth cut you have a square beam.

To mill a smaller size piece of dimensional lumber(2x6) "re-position" your 2x4 guide and “re-rip” your square beam into any size piece of dimensional lumber your require for your project.

Remember to allow for chain thickness when harvesting your square beam.


What kind of Guarantee do I have with each purchase?

Our 3-month “Satisfaction Guarantee” allows our customer to return their units within 90 days (in any condition) and we will happily refund you the cost of your unit less shipping. If you are not happy with your unit we do not want your money.

Our Lifetime Guarantee provides our original customer with a Lifetime Warranty against any defects in workmanship. Any problems and our company will gladly replace your unit.

Note: To this date we can happily state that have NEVER had a unit returned to our office for either Guarantee!!!


What are Beam Machines mostly used for?

As our name suggests most customers see instant savings when harvesting larger pieces of BEAMS or dimensional lumber.

Over the years we have determined that most people purchase our mills to either slab-off 2 sides of a log in order to create a remote cabin. Other people have purchased our units to mill larger dimensional lumber for wharfs /boat launches.


Why is there a level attached to the Beam Machine?

Recent changes in our chainsaw attachments have seen a tiny level placed at the top of our units. This small level allows a chainsaw newbie to correctly position their 2x4 guide onto their  log.


Can I use a metal guide for my Beam Machine?

No – an ordinary stick of 2x4 x 8’’ acts as a “guide rail” for your Beam Machine to “slip over.”

 Pointed “dog-teeth” grips into your 2x4 wooden guide rail as you “arc” your chainsaw bar up and down. This gripping action allows you to place all the chainsaw weight onto the log thereby eliminating chainsaw fatigue. Metal guides would not allow these dog-teeth to work properly.


REMEMBER to use the straightest piece of 2x4 possible as any curves in your 2x4 guide will create the same curves in your harvested lumber. 


How do I mill lumber on-site?

Short junks are placed under your log to raise it off the ground to a safe height for harvesting your lumber. Some customers have even constructed 2 wooden saw-horses and propped their logs off the ground and up to a more comfortable working level.  


Is there safety gear needed for milling logs into lumber?

No additional safety gear is required for you to use our mini-mills. Use extreme caution and NEVER pick up a chainsaw without wearing all the protective gear needed to properly operate your chainsaw in a safe manner. Check here or follow your owner’s manual supplied with your chainsaw. Review and implement ALL safety suggestions contained within your chainsaw’s user’s guidebook.

If you do not have a current guidebook then contact your chainsaw dealer for current safety information.

How can I pay for my purchase?

US and Canadian residents can submit their payment via Pay Pal or credit card of their choice. Just follow the directions outlined within our PAYMENT PAGE

Note: Any discrepancies in shipping costs and WE Will Pay The Difference!!!

Help/assistance available Additional help and assistance is available by simply emailing